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You know that feeling… Your horse acts-up or falls you kick your feet loose from the stirrups… but they don’t release immediately or you can’t get your feet free at all and your worst fear becomes a reality – of being dragged.

TOE STOPPERS are every bit as important as a riding helmet. PERIOD

Winner of 8 international awards!

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Rated the best safety device since the helmet, Toe Stoppers have won eight prestigious international awards! Riders who use Toe Stoppers may gain a competitive advantage because they no longer lose concentration when their feet slip forward off the stirrup iron. Toe Stoppers keep feet in the correct position and prevent feet from slipping. Balance and concentration is improved, as well as performance and results.

Toe Stoppers are made of a durable material and attach easily with Velcro making for comfortable, safe riding and dismounting. Designed to fit western, endurance and English stirrups/irons, Toe Stoppers attach easily by sliding into the stirrup, the side straps wrap around the sides, top and base of the stirrup.

Safety can be added to any stirrup! Did you know that being hooked up in the stirrup iron and dragged is the most dangerous aspect of horse riding resulting in serious injuries and death? Latest statistics show there are 210 horse-riding deaths and 75,000 serious injuries each year in America alone. Over the past 20 years in Australia alone, 410 riders have died, on average 20 horse riders die each year and there are 3,000 serious injuries.

Avoid the inherent risk of dragging or worse. Toe Stoppers are sold in pairs, with two colors to choose from in the following sizes. State size, color and style. Approved for all sanctioned equestrian events and used at the Olympic games.

Sizes and styles:
Western & Endurance (black/brown) in: 4 ¾, 5 and 5 ½ inch. (To determine size, measure inside at the widest part, side-to-side for sizing. If your Western or Endurance stirrup has a 1-inch top bar, size down by one).
English (black/brown) in: 3 ½, 4 , 4 ¼, 4 ½, 4 ¾, 5 and 5 ½ inch. (To determine size, measure tread width side-to-side).
Racing 3 ½ inch and Track 4 ¾ inch (black only)


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.375 × 5.25 × 14.875 in

Western & Endurance Black 4 3/4" $85.00, Western & Endurance Black 5", Western & Endurance Black 5 1/2", Western & Endurance Brown 4 3/4", Western & Endurance Brown 5", Western & Endurance 5 1/2", English Black 3 1/2", English Black 4", English Black 4 1/4", English Black 4 1/2", English Black 4 3/4", English Black 5", English Black 5 1/2", English Brown 3 1/2", English Brown 4", English Brown 4 1/4", English Brown 4 1/2", English Brown 4 3/4", English Brown 5", English Brown 5 1/2"


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