The Breakout



This saddle is built on the same tree as the Working Trail.

The slightly forward horn makes this an ideal saddle for the gaming and eventing crowd or for the trainer when breaking-out new stock.

The lower fork and slightly forward horn is perfect for mounted shooting

The saddle comes with smooth seat that has a pocket perfect for those fast break outs, turns and twists.

The saddle sports a small Cheyenne roll allowing for a quick hand hold when needed and comes with contoured skirts, and racing fenders with a two inch easy twist neck.

This saddle is made and designed for speed and agility.

You can enjoy some rambunctious riding with this saddle – or you can comfortably enjoy a more quiet all day ride.

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16″ standard seat – Easy ride stirrups – Synthetic Sox

A great saddle for all breeds of horses and mules too.


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