Let’s Talk About Your New Saddle!

Your Custom Saddle begins with an inquiry. Custom Saddle Packages Start at $4999 and include the saddle, a pair of Synthetic Saddle Sox, standard stirrups and leathers for your saddle, your choice of rigging and a neoprene girth. You can upgrade some things and make changes to other things within the package!

I am looking forward to working with you and your horse to build the perfect saddle for you both!

I have 6 basic trees that I build off of, they are machined to exact specifications to carry the panels. Which one would work the best for you?
There are a lot of things you can do with different leather colors and types of leathers on saddles. If you have an idea of what you think might be a look you want to explore but never had someone to ask, now is your chance!
If you aren't sure what size that you might need, you can review my sizing chart https://www.evolutionarysaddlesllc.com/seatsizing.pdf to see which size will work best for you.
Your seat will be covered in a smooth garment leather or you can select suede. If you'd like another type or style of seat, such as a smoothout or roughout without sculpted foam, select the last selection.
Depending on your preference and needs each seat can be sculpted to fit you. If you need a narrower twist you'll want to choose the soft seat so that an appropriate twist can be sculpted for you. If you need a wider and firmer base of support a Standard seat might be more in order for you.
If you like the way English billets work for you and your horse, then we can put those on your western saddle. The Slim Rigging setup that I put on every saddle can be converted easily and readily for either. So what matters is what YOU want.
All new custom saddles come with a neoprene girth or cinch to go with your selection of rigging. All I need to knowo is the size.
Fenders and leathers are interchangeable for any of my trees. which means that if you wanted to, you could put fenders on an english saddle and 1" leathers with campaign fenders on a western saddle. So let your needs and your imagination be your guide. While traditional can be pretty, don't forget your comfort. If you have questions you'll have a chance to ask them when we talk about your new saddle.
Depending on your discipline and preferences there are a ton of choices for stirrups. If I don't carry what you prefer, we can go find what you like and want and incorporate it into your saddle.
For some disciplines you can't have strings, but for those of you that can, the sky is the limit if there is a place to hang them. A set of strings is a pair so that they are matching on both sides of the saddle.
This is the Cordura that is on the top of the Sox that forms the sleeve that the panels slip into.
All are easy to care for if you follow the care instructions. Some are just different to care for. Wool will always perform better in the most adverse conditions but the synthetic fleeces are very wash and go using your washing machine and dryer.
Tell me about the saddles that were a literal pain in your butt, as well as the ones you loved. Once the saddle fits the horse, if you're not comfortable you'll won't be able to keep up!